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Cuba accuses Obama of causing harm by encouraging unsafe, illegal immigration.

This is news! Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is asking Texas Republicans to support the Republican presidential nominee though he has not endorsed Donald Trump, the Texas Tribune reports.

A couple of week ago Southwest Airlines had a major “glitch,” this week it is Delta’s turn. Computers go down locally frequently, but worldwide?  That is pretty hard to do.

This is not a political article, its about how so many places look the same, but to me it says a lot about what has happened to our cultural, to our mores. Too many people falling in line to become part of the in crowd, even when the in crowd is not something that is good to emulate. This is one of the almost innocuous examples; this is another example.

Obamacare just keeps causing problems and insurance companies just keep bowing out. Aetna is not alone. UnitedHealth Group and Humana have recently made announcements in a similar vein. Among other things, many big insurers complain that their Obamacare divisions are losing money, requiring them to pay out more in medical bills than they collect in premiums. The law’s critics have seized on the news, using it as fresh evidence that Obamacare is deeply, perhaps fatally, flawed. (note: I will be including more quotes from the Washington Post articles as they are under an increasingly strict pay wall.)

Ed Morrisey has more info on the Iranian spy and is not sure Hillary’s email made a difference.

It’s Time to Drop the Unemployment rate.

Have you seen this C-span video of Dinesh D’Sousa?  I couldn’t find it on the c-span site, but you tube has it.  We watched it from C-span2.

Proof of voter fraud that supposedly doesn’t exist.

More Wikileaks on Hillary were released last night. This is the only place I have seen it.

This CNN defense of Clinton may be the only reference you get on the pictures that ran on Drudge.

I have about FIVE interesting links from Powerline, instead of those just click that link and see what all is there.  But make sure you read the one about the New York Times article.

Check back to my previous rant on culture then read this from Instapundit: “CHECK YOUR PREMISE: Summer’s civil war: How did pop culture get so negative?, asks USA Today

Isn’t the much more interesting question how did pop culture get so awful? Major film studios producing nothing but comic book movies with budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars? A national newspaper defending them without seeing the irony of how intellectually bankrupt the industry has become?   This isn’t the 21st century I was promised”.

If  you are interested in the history of our desktop computers you might be interested in the partial biography of the man who created CP/M.  You can download it to read it.





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