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I Will Tell You Why a ‘Leftist Trump’ Is Impossible

There is a lot of chatter; online on Facebook and multiple sites, in emails, and twitter; about the father of the nightclub shooter being at a Hillary rally yesterday.  Here is the original interview by the station who first noticed him.

My daughter posted a comment from a Sarah Hoyt column on Facebook which led me to look for the column it was commenting on. so here it is, the comments will be at the bottom of the long post.  As I have explained before, Sarah Hoyt was born and raised in Portugal, came to America as an exchange student and has been in love with America and its ideals since.  She went to college here, became a citizen, married and has raised two sons.  She has written many books, science fiction and others. I have read her blog posts for years and think she says most things I would like to say in a way I would never be able to.

 So the media is inflating the size of the Hillary crowds?  Maybe that is how that father of the shooter showed up behind Hillary, he looked like an “ethnic” they could use.

They were schemeing and using the post to get money for the Clinton Foundations. But in this case you  just have to laugh at these people, you would think their boss was not Sec of State at the time. They either have no thoughts of security or feel too secure because of Secret Service. “Hi Huma,” aide Melissa Lan wrote in an email to Abedin. “Would it be possible to get one of the Secretary’s day book binders back for tomorrow’s product? ……Abedin replied, “Yes its [sic] on the bed in my room. U can take it. My door is open. I’m in lobby. Thx.

The real question is, can America handle the truth from a presidential candidate, rather than carefully strategized verbiage?

Secret deal among AG’s to prosecute climate deniers challenged in court. As they say in Louisiana, Mais Yeah.

The Media’s Hollow Echo Chamber

Do not Bail out on the Ballot.

What Black Lives Matter Really is About.

Mike Morrell needs to get his story straight






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