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When Fact Check doesn’t like the truth they give you this about the Clinton Foundation. 

The Democrats vice-presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, had a dinner with George Soros’ son.

This art professor is also the grammar and thought police.  She doesn’t allow the term “melting pot” to be used in her class.  It is an art class, so I am wondering why she is so concerned about diversity. How often would the term melting pot be used in an art class?  Read the article and you will see the description of a true social justice warrior.  (SJW)

It is no surprise the mainstream media built up Trump so he would win and then they could try to bring him downThey could be a little more subtle about it, but they are rubbing it in.

This has been posted on Facebook by quite a few conservatives on different group sites, but those of you who do not do Facebook may not have read this about how Hillary and Obama Did create the rise of ISIS.  I do believe most of you didn’t need this to remember the facts. Here is another one on the same subject, the rise of ISIS.

Obama is compared to the tone deaf Diva, by Richard Fernandez.  He is a very good analyst. The media may see where this administration erred but they are doing all they can to perpetuate it.

Bill Clinton thinks we are just to dumb to understand their explanations.

Iran Ransom mystery deepens– when was the $1.3 billion paid?

Here is a link to the movie Clinton Cash, watch online.




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