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There were riots in Milwaukee last night.  I wouldn’t know about it except for a brief report on Fox News. I checked all the major channels and all they talked about was Trump. I had to Google it to get this link  Sheriff Clarke certainly has his hands full.  

The riot was triggered by  a young black man killed by a black police officer. The father of the young man who was killed realized after his son was shot  that he had been a horrible role model, how all those young black men in the hood are looking up to the wrong people.  Or that they are looking to the right people (their fathers) and those fathers must change their ways and become models of good citizens.

Look at this to see  the joy on the faces as these women and girls tear off their burqas.  I hope they get to  keep them off.

I’m not sure what to think of this Politico article, How we Killed the Tea Party.  I think he is taking a little too much credit here.  There are Tea Parties left, but I am afraid the conservatives in them are just as fractured as the rest of the Republican party. Too many single issue voters and too much infighting.

A Victory, of sorts for religious schools in California.

Just one more reason to be fed up with the establishment, How the Republican Party feeds the PC Beast.

THE NYT unintentionally shows how Obama has grabbed onto executive power



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