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He is using the Hillary defense for his sentencing in that case of the submarine photos.

The Democrats are trying to use the Dreamers as voter getters this year.

From the UK’s Daily Mail we find Paula Jones took a selfie with Trump.  I can understand why she would not want Hillary as president.

Just one example of crony capitalism at work, and it isn’t even associated with global warming.

And finally, the world is about to find out if a train load of Nazi gold actually exists in Poland.

Damning with faint praise the Washington Post says Trump is right that it would be an economic boom to fix the infrastructure.

If the election is hacked, blame Al Gore and for the record, you can blame him at the same time for all the divisiveness in the country, it stems from that recount.  From then on it was Hate Bush, and complete war against the Republicans by the media and the Democrats.

Even Chris Mathews admits to voter fraud, he thinks everywhere is like Philly.  Thankfully it isn’t everywhere, just in enough Democratic strongholds.

Judge Jeanine’s epic rant on Hillary.

Never Trumpers are paving Hillary’s way to the White House I  wouldn’t do that to my children and grandchildren.

Politicized Intelligence Reports—  my feelings on that is the same as on the IRS corruption, these people did not need directions from the White House to do what they have done, they knew what the boss would want and made it happen.

Andrew Klavan on what the media lies are doing.

China is building bases on reefswhere are the environmentalists on this one?  And more important,  what does it mean for our national security?

The TWA 800 – a conspiracy Trump needs to push

The Washington Post actually touched on the ethical problems of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, but of course it was as bland as it could be, certainly nothing to really see here, they say, move on along, that evil Trump is worse.

What it means to be never Trump –  in pictures- click on it, it is the truth.


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