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They always blame global warming, or cooling, but this time it was definitely an arsonist.

Has Ophra really learned the lesson that it should be inclusion and not diversityAnd in this case what does inclusion mean?  Richard Fernandez says we are all a Man without a Country, divisiveness has won.

You know what?  I use pillows like this too.  I am not going to say Hillary  isn’t able because of the pillows, I’m going to say she isn’t fit to be a president because of her lack of moral integrity.

As Gomer Pyle would say, “surprise, surprise,” An illegal immigrant who was tapped by the Hillary Clinton campaign for a new effort to register Latino voters is tied to a multi-million dollar voter registration effort funded by George Soros.

Do we even need to ask the question of who has most favored nation status with our President? An ISIS fighter received welfare in Maine while being radicalized. No surprise there, how many more were there?


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