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Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources so it is not as if they were not warned.  Now let’s see what they found.

The newswers are all worried over internet hate.  They are the ones who use twitter the most. They are the ones who based a lot of news stories from what they thought we were all thinking, when it was Twitter trolls. Also I notice she, or Time magazine, does not allow comments.  Afraid of trolls, I would guess.

Documentation on how Soros tried to steer a Supreme Court ruling on illegal immigration. He also paid a lot of money to Al Gore to help with the Iran deal.

When there is a lot of money designated to be split, fraud will rear its ugly head.  BP money has been used in many ways that had nothing to do with an oil spill.  Some have been charged with fraud. 

The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. refused to allow a plane full of cash to take off for Iran until U.S. prisoners were in the air on their way out of Tehranvia Hot

Target has learned a lesson, listen to  your customers. This is why it was such a silly issue anyway – Most of Target’s stores already have a single-stall bathroom, but this latest investment will ensure every store in the fleet offers that option to shoppers. And most of us who have shopped Target knew that.  For many years there have been so called “Family Restrooms” in these stores (Walmart, too) for men who want to take their children, women to take their boys,  or to change the baby’s diaper by either parent.  And anyone of either sex or transgender could walk right into those restrooms,  so there was no need to raise the transgender flap in the first place.

This article from July is true, but there are no consequences to be faced by the Clinton’s, their cronies, the Clinton foundation, the FBI, DOJ or any and everyone involved in this huge case of government corruption. I wish, but do not believe, We Shall Overcome, this. When the whole of the administration, the Clinton cronies, and even elitists Republicans are involved, or do not care, we are at their mercy.

Inmates made defective combat helmets for the military and no one was prosecuted.

The end of the internet as we know it

If rape doesn’t make Bill Clinton evil, what does?

What’s a Conservative to do?

The Facts show Louisiana flooding was not caused by global warming

Want to know more about Solar, Space and Geomagnetic weather?  Read this.

Don’t bother to read that Bush biography by a Bush Derangement Syndrome author.

When a lawyer is past his sell date, in this case said lawyer has Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Where’s the letter from Democratic Security Officials Opposing Hillary?  oh, right, they’re over there rewriting the reports on ISIS for their boss.

Historical Bias in the News You Get, and the reporters who did it.  Most of the same who are doing it now.


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