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The Clintons really don’t care what we think as long as the checks keep coming in.

Clinton’s achievements- some think they have been tarnished some of us think they were all bad in the first place.

This link was pointed out to me by Dawn, it is illuminating, not something we didn’t know, but confirms so much.  Remember how the last market was done in;  banks buying derivatives?  To most of us it seemed like a racket at the time.  When it comes to money making schemes there is always more than one racket.  Hedge funds are a dirty word in my mind.  Be sure to follow the links in the article.

From the Facebook site Never Again Canada, a video.

More than half the donors for Clinton Foundation would be barred under new rules.  Rules that should have been there for a secretary of state.

Just this morning I saw a commentator (Democratic operative) on MSNBC saying Trump should go to distressed black  neighborhoods if he wants their votes.  What does he think would happen?  More at the Star Tribune, but they downplayed the violence.

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