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The dirty little secret of central banking.

Have you heard about the 400% increase in the price of the epi pen? The CEO is Democrat Sen Joe Manchin’s daughter.  And even though that article doesn’t mention her salary, this one does, it is excessive, as are the other executives.  Today there is a new price on the Epipen

Segregation by others names is okay with the diversity crowd.

Some Doctors are suing the Feds for forcing them to do transgender surgeries.

916 Illegals from terror links countries have been apprehended at our border since 20014.  That’s just two years of them, and only the ones who are a caught.

I’m hesitant to believe there has been an increase in middle class, good wage jobs.

I think it is true that Trump supporters and Hillary supporters do not at this point think there is anything that will make them change their minds.

There are certain part of Oregon I would love to live in, that is anywhere on the coastWith this news I am certain there is NO part of Oregon I want to live in.

The University of Chicago has a lick of sense, they say they are not going to cater to the snowflakes, the ones who are offended at trigger wordsIn other words free speech will be enforced.  We’ll see.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks says he will release a game changer of an October surprise.  But even he admits it will depend on how the public and media see it.  See my above comments on people who won’t change their minds, no matter the facts.

The Washington Post has this article saying Clinton is being forced to respond to criticism of payments to the Foundation, but they counter by having even more anti-Trump articles.  An update?  Maybe.

Ten Minutes to Tokyo. This is not something about WWII, it is about North Korea and its current threat.

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