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Do you know what Bleachbit is?  It is the program Hillary used to delete emails she deemed to revealing to allow anyone to ever see.  Did you know those almost 15,000 emails the FBI found were from her Bleachbit files?

Conservative intellectuals are saying the Republican Party is doomed because the ideals of conservatism have been inextricably marred by “white nationalism.” Is there no position too low that the Republican Conservatives elites will refuse to bow to it?

Had you heard the Ku Klux Klan endorsed Hillary? via Don Surber

Hillary’s hybrid ‘Clinton State-Foundation’ is a national disgrace I am so sick of posting this type stuff, because I am so sick of the people who will still vote Hillary, not matter what smoking guns are found.

That Muslim Journal Huma worked for said Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Lewinsky scandal.  And yet she works for the woman, or is it really the other way around?

George Soros also has a plan to overthrow Putin.

Trump is confusing a lot of people. Some might call it double speak.  But he is always a better choice than Hillary.

The IRS is still holding up three tea party groups’ applications, Commissioner John Koskinen admitted in a letter to Congress last week — but he insisted he agents are finally about to begin processing them. Quite a few years late.

I’m not sure the woman who wrote this about the Clinton corruptions actually gets it.  In fact I think she is lying to herself to excuse her and will probably vote for her, while deep in her heart she knows what Hillary and Bill really are.  Charles Krauthammer has a better take on the Clinton scandals as a whole.

Hillary as Alinsky’s daughter I think one thing people like about Trump is that he seems to be using some of the Alinksy rules against his opponents.

Ace can tell us what is really going on and who the real populists and elitists are. Be sure to read this links, too.

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