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Does this remind you of when you were a child?  It will if you are as old as I am.

Of course Soros wants to control the internet, he wants to control everything and everyone.  He knows best.

If it is put out by Yahoo is it fact, rumor, or fictional news? In this case probably fact.

Iran and it’s oh so innocent missile system.

What you get when you listen to Trump voters

Yes, Clinton foundation donors had direct access to the State Department but as the lady says, “At this point, what difference does it make.”  Hillalry’s gonna do, what Hillary’s gonna do.

The LA Times presidential poll dashboard today.

How media bias works, but you probably already knew this.

 Another Russian journalist “commits suicide”  understand if this had been written about a Clinton associate it would be labeled as more of the conspiracy theories.

This article just shows me how the Republican Party doesn’t know what is going on.  Where are the Never-Hillary Democrats?  But then this happened in Iowa, a good thing for Trump.

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