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Detroit does have many empty and abandoned houses, some are inhabitable, some are not.  But why not start with the locals before we give them to “refugees?” I do feel sympathy for the true refugee, but I doubt a lot of these are those refugees.

Look who is getting that bank settlement cash.  We have a RICO type mob in our administration.

I hate to make a judgment of someone’s intellect based on their appearance. But when it comes to that spark of intelligence you see in the eye, this man is just lacking something.  His actions show it, too Sec. Kerry doesn’t misspeak, he speaks what he thinks.

Pure evil stalks the world, right now its name is ISIS.

I keep seeing irony every place I look but this one in the Washington Post really got me.  When Obama has cause rifts and tribalism all over America, pitting who knows who all against each other, they call out Trump pitting one group against another.  My mind is boggled at the gall.

This is  the only funny thing I can find about the Weiner furor.  7. Stolen from a friend on Twitter: “Anthony Weiner is proof that the Clintons don’t actually have people murdered.”

More email gossip, from Clinton aides. Huma and Cheryl worried about what was going on.

Caution: Men Without Work

A case study in Media Bias, but we all knew this, just the media doesn’t.

We can only hope this sign of a Trump win is true.  Because what Deroy Murdock says is true, Never Trump means Hillary benefits.

Obama should pardon David Petraeus

Soros is spending a bundle on changing local district attorney’s.  Are we all fiddling while our personal Rome’s burn, why are we just learning this?  Read this article, even if you read no other links.

Is everything you’ve been told wrong about sex and gender wrong? Did I already post this, I read it a week or so ago?

The New York Times calls for the Clinton family to do more to distance themselves from the Clinton Foundation, calling it an “ethical imperative” as she continues to run for president.of course, this should have been done while she was Sec of State.

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