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You just have to wonder if there is anyone in the Democratic party who is honest.  Hillary Clinton sent classified emails AFTER she left the state dept.  How did she get them?  Why are the Democrats not coming after her? Party before country, crony capitalism at its best, also called socialsim.

Feds Still Haven’t Reviewed Two Decades of Manipulated Energy Data

Business as usual, THE FBI FOUND 30 MORE EMAILS RELATED TO BENGHAZI ON CLINTON’S SERVER, these were NEVER turned over to anyone. Their redacted versions will soon be released to the public.

The Democrat plans for Black Lives Matter from a Nov 2015 hacked email.

Sheriff Arpaio easily won his Republican primary. They keep trying to bring this man down.

Trump is meeting with the Mexican president today.  Did you know both Trump and Clinton were invited, but only Trump is going (so far, Hillary is resting for a while) and ex-President Vicente Fox is making a fool of himself over it.

Patent office workers bilked the government by claiming hours they didn’t work, I wonder how many departments this happens in.

Oh what a tangled web the VA administration weaves when they try to get rid of whistleblowers.

How the media caused the 2000 recount.

Black Lives Matter to Donald Trumpfrom the Wall Street Journal, could be behind a pay wall.  He says every black child should be safe to walk their home streets, whether in Chicago, Baltimore, or Detroit, wherever they are.

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