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I have almost stopped visiting the Conservative news sites on FB because of the angst; anger between Trump and anti-Trump people, and I do believe many of those are trolls, the people who use a fake name, many fake names, or just join a site to stir up trouble.  Those who do not use Facebook or Twitter do not understand the high value the Mainstream Media place on it.  They seem to think everyone who will vote has a twitter account and really, really care what the reporter class has to say on it.  I have a twitter account but only use it to send messages to C-span when I am put out with their coverage.

I have mentioned to you how many anti-Trump headlines I have seen on the Washington Post Website, this is one reason why: Mainstream Media seeks to defeat Trump by attacking his supporters, his family and associates. Another way of doing this is planting fake news sites on Facebook trapping the true believers into linking to them and then shaming them for falling for it.

My rant above leads into the liberal job persecution of a gay conservative, which was actually featured on a Mainstream Media site NBC. I have to admit I don’t remember seeing any of his work.

FBI warns campaign staffer to be wary of new people they meet, they could be spies, not campaign spies, foreign spies!  I hope they are on the alert for campaign spies, too.

Border Fence History, I cannot tell you whether it is complete, incomplete or skewed.

The Media’s Dirty Clinton ties, buys and lies.

There is elation in some with Trump’s Mexico tripHere, here and here, that last one is a little over the top.

How to pay for the wall?  Something I’ve long thought would at least help stem the flow of money out of the country.

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are coming!

This is fun, I wish I had seen Stuart Varney attack Obamacare architect Zeke Emmauel in person.

14 Arrested In Raids Related to $16 Million Food Stamp Fraud  $16 MILLION!!!

FBI Agent Affidavit Reveals MS-13 Gang Member Was Instructed To Say He Was A Refugee

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