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I can only agree with this, we are going to have a weak president, and I also think it is necessary.

Meet the aide who was responsible for the destroyed emails, at the behest of her boss of course.  Mills was the one who ordered the server host to move the emails from the server to a laptop where she could screen them.

Never Trumpers are not going to like his new standing in the polls.

It is crazy but a Clinton aide actually did destroy some of her blackberry phones with a hammer.  When you destroy them with hammers you do not need a software program to do it. Nor do you need to wipe them with a cleaning rag. (tongue firmly in cheek)

Time to take the car keys away from Clinton? that’s one way to put it.

FBI holiday weekend document drop is devastating to Hillary 

Things did not go well with Obama’s visit to China

 Trump’s Speech at the Black Church, I found it touching.  It leads into this Tale of Two Candidates in which Tom Maguire explains a New York times article about Trump and Hillary.

Successful FailuresRichard Fernandez explains some things.

From Instapundit: MORE THAN A BIT OF IRONY HERE, I BELIEVE: Obama tells Turkey’s Erdogan it’s important to secure the border (Turkish-Syrian border). They met at the G20 economic summit in Hangzhou, China.

This is such an unshocking headline I wonder why they used it: FBI Interview Catches Hillary Clinton In Multiple Lies

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