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Switzerland refugees go missing, on a regular basis.  The photo attached to this story does show a family, so I guess the real refugees are not the ones who go missing.

Based on her FBI interview, Hillary is either a total liar or the dumbest person alive neither case cancels out the other.  She could be dumb and a liar, we are sure she lies.

Fracking Didn’t Cause Oklahoma Earthquake

FBI’s 302 Report Proves Complicity in Clinton Email Scandal

The Republicans need more outreach. Finally Trump! takes the party back to basics.

If Hillary wins this will be happening all over the countryFireman suspended without pay and sent to jail for 30 for praying at the scene of fires.

I am Iraqi immigrant and I support Donald Trump 

Connecticut is using campaign law to stifle free speech.  Another freedom lost if Hillary wins.

The big, hulking helper is back, watch Hillary’s coughing fit on the  plane. Conspiracy theory? I’m really beginning to wonder.

Phyllis Schafly’s last column compares Trump in Mexico to Reagan in Geneva.  We will miss her.

One of Dick’s favorite books is How to Lie with StatisticsThis article from Townhall addresses that issue.

I am not advocating you buy this t-shirt but I love the headlines play on the words: Every Time You Order a Breitbart Border Wall Shirt, a Glock Gets Its Wings

Donald Trump Discusses the False Economy, one of the reasons I trust him to lead America.

Finally the WaPo tells the truth about ONE Clinton scandal

About that Hillary cough – its sounds to me like one caused by blood pressure medication, been there, done that, so has my daughter.

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