I am being censored by Yahoo

I send to an email list that includes 19 yahoo email addresses.  None of them included anything objectional unless you are an advocate for Hillary.  See my  Links and Comments post below.  All the emails were returned for this:

Error: 554 Message not allowed – [numeric code]

You’ll receive an SMTP error or failed delivery message that includes “554 Message not allowed” when the content of a message you’re trying to send violates Yahoo Mail policies. Content that violates policies includes; objectionable links, malicious attachments, or bad header information.

Review the Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger Terms of Service to learn more about Yahoo policies that can effect your ability to send messages to Yahoo Mail accounts.

If you’re the administrator for the mail server in question, review your outgoing messages for obectionable content or practices.

Note: Yahoo is unable to disclose specific information regarding our filtering practices.

Thank you! Your feedback has successfully been submitted.

Links and Comments

The Obama administration is spending tax money, our money, to register immigrants as voters, is this legal? What difference, at this point, does it make? /sarc

Hillary is upping her antihistamine load, I would advise her to use one that doesn’t dry out her throat.

Ferguson activist Darren Seals has been found dead in a burned out car.  That is not justice, that is vigilantism, or revenge from a rival gang.

A Phyllis Schafly tribute, I’m not sure whether the author intended it that way or not. This is a better one.

This man used one classified email. Remember there is a sailor in jail right now for sending his mom pictures of his subs engine, it was classifed. He tried the Hillary defense and lost. And Hillary’s friend Sid Blumenthal was reading classified material right after it appeared and on a regular basis.

A Texas company won YUGE over the SEIU.

Rush mentioned and read parts of the Flight 93 Election on the Claremont Review, I was linking to this but because he has so many listeners the site is unavailable, meaning too many people are trying to read it.   By the time you get this it might be available again.

 Mark Levin has decided he will, in fact, vote for Donald Trump in November. As explained by Ed Morrisey who came to the same conclusions.

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert is not afraid of Trump. I like his explanation of how New Yorkers talk.

Clinton isn’t going to meet with the Mexican president.  After all, if she did it would give validation to Trump’s meeting with him.

After Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing I thought there was no honor left, I was right.



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