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Democrats attack Matt Lauer for “attacking” Clinton about the emails and not attacking Trump about Iraq.  It really doesn’t matter about how early Trump was against the Iraq war, he was not a politician voting on anything at the time.  Hillary voted for the war, she was for it before she was agin it.

Listening to Rush talk about Hillary and a purported hearing aid, someone needs to tell him a concussion can lead to severe hearing loss as it did to my husband.  UPDATE: I found the link and the photo and I think  it is an earpiece.  Not necessarily because she cannot think but because she has a concussion induced hearing problem.

A key Federal Election Commission Republican warned Wednesday that liberals are moving aggressively to “amend the First Amendment” so that conservatives are silenced and businesses are chased “out of the democracy.”

Some people, well make that Democratic operatives in the media, seem not to understand what Trump is saying Obama has reduced the military to rubbleLook at the cities reduced to rubble in the Middle east, you will find your analogy thereAlso read this.

Speaking of that, Gary Johnson did not even know where or what Aleppo is.

There are so many ways Americans get taken in, this is a new one.  And the real truth is, they kill their own children.

Washington’s Smoking Gun Tyrannyhe’s right the server IS the smoking gun.

I sent this as an email the usual way and none came back today.  I still wonder which link yesterday triggered the censor.

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