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For the Good of the Country, to Keep What Tatters of Respect the FBI Still Has, Comey Must Resign—Ace
“When a Praetorian falls on his sword to protect his queen, he should actually fall on his sword. He should resign.
A lot of people who previously gave Comey a pass, after hearing he was a straight-shooter from corporate types, are no longer willing to do so after having read the damning evidence that Comey apparently didn’t.
The law binds all or it binds none at all.”  From Ace of Spades blog.

It’s easy to be an American liberal. All that is required are hypocrisy and ignorance.

Another on James Comey Must Resign There are more and more of these type posts, will it make a difference?

Hillary’s Insider Insider handlers, yes I mean what this says.

This is what we are up against.  Hillary’s true believers. Is this a put on? I find it hard to believe this person is real, but I see the same on TV anytime I turn on Cnn or MSNBC.

From someone of my email list.  Several people have sent me email with instructions on opening the web site of KUSI-TV in San Diego to view a TV report on the wall and Border Patrol operation south of San Diego.  I was unable to open this site using my Safari Browser.  I tried a different browser, (Chrome) and went directly to the stations web site at and found the video report at the top of the first page. It’s well worth watching but disgusting to see how Obama is misusing the people who protect our border.  Give it a try at

Trumps Rips media for mocking Christians – their headline, not mine.

It is possible the news media thought they could finesse a Democratic senate by constantly writing about the scare of having Trump for president.  Apparently the polls aren’t following their lead.

When we have a weak commander in chief, things like nuclear testing N Korea happens.  Next up will be Iran.

I see this as the day the president was a prisoner of the Secret Service , but they were doing what they felt needed done. Dave Wilkinson: He fought with us tooth and nail all day to go back to Washington. We basically refused to take him back. The way we look at is that by federal law, the Secret Service has to protect the president. The wishes of that person that day are secondary to what the law expects of us. Theoretically it’s not his call, it’s our call. This is a long account of the day of 9/11, very touching and well worth reading.

Trump was not exaggerating when he said the military was Reduced to Rubble.


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