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The moment of silence was moved up due to Obama’s impatience to get it over with. What a sorry, sorry specimen of a man.

I don’t know who is writing Trump’s speeches now, but they are doing a  very good job of it.

Did you hear or read that 100+ Members of the special forces community sent a letter of support to Trump on 9/11? Kilroy Rising is a Special Operations veterans political action group linked with Veterans organizations from all services. All of us are proud Americans representing the melting pot.

Bookie has come to a firm conclusion, She Wants Trump, she wants him to say You’re Fired to a number of useless leftists in government agencies.

Former CIA Chief under Clinton joins the Trump campaign. That is a big surprise.

From Neocon: Deplorable merchandise on Amazon   Entrepreneurs don’t waste a single moment, as evidenced by products such as this one, which is now readily available on Amazon.   Or if you prefer, there’s this. Join the deplorable basket.

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