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Is there anybody but the American public who didn’t have access to Hillary’s email? Stephen Green in Instapundit.

Megan Fox says what I’ve been thinking and saying, Why is no one, particularly Chelsea, not stepping in and saying “NO, you can’t do this, you are not able.”?

There is no end of the mischief our president will do before he is out of office, this time the internet.   And I know mischief is putting it very mildly.  He is also sending more money Planned Parenthood’s way.  He is doing no favors for the Native Americans, either.

Lloyd Marcus is fed up with the highly paid athletes dissing the USA.  

The predator’s call it ‘bunny hunting.”

This female veteran is against women in combat.  Did you see the article of the sailor who had an unexpected baby on board?

The truth about US poverty.  I know there is real poverty in this town, some of it self-inflicted, some not.

And the truth about Mexico and its southern border.

Hillary traveled with a nurse to administer meds during the 1998 campaign.

Ninth Court Circuit rules the 2nd amendment is not a second class right.

Clinton and the FBI, yes, the fix was in.  No big surprise there.

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