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George Soros, the big hearted, (sarcasm) wants to help the refugees, but God help those who have to take them.

Hillary’s IT guy gave himself away on Reddit, but has since deleted what he thinks is all traces.

CNN lies about Trump saying he used the words “racial profiling”  when what he said was profile.

The great garbage of the sea scam. That image, widely mislabeled as a shot of the Pacific garbage patch, is actually from Manila harbor

Obama won’t acknowledge terrorism – and it’s great news for Trump.

Many days I listen to Rush and hear him refer to links I have already linked for the email.  Today I heard him refer to a Victor Davis Hanson piece and I have been so  busy I haven’t even seen it. Never, Never Trump.  Hanson sees the Republican establishment through the eyes the farm boy he is. Sure he is a noted scholar and writer, but in his heart he is always a farmer and he knows what has happened to rural America and whether they know it or not, urban America.

Armed Forces Chiefs admit to Congress they have not had a discussion with Obama on the state of the military.  And he doesn’t care or want to know.

That terror “suspect” was let go by a grand jury after a stabbing he committed in 2014.

Andrea Mitchell is running scared about Hillary’s path to victory.

A little early to count Hillary out. Is this a “false flag” in the presidential wars?

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