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Obama’s top Iran negotiator may have had personal email account hacked while negotiating deal.

Colorado voter fraud is no joke

Unintended consequences of LED lighting

Don’t even bother to read this but, gasp, shock, unexpectedly, the New York Times has endorsed Hillary!  What’s next an endorsement by the Washington Post?  Surely there is no reason for me to point out my comments are sarcasm.

Another chance for my sarcasm but I will let you do that, The Justice Department Hillary Investigation Reeks of Corruption.

The well titled Mark of Soros Apparently “Black Lives Matters” needs a translation: To most of the rioters it means New Free Nikes Matter. Polish MP demands “Pest” Soros is stripped of Country’s Highest Honor.

Obama’s Collasal email lie (is) Final Text for MSM.  The mainstream media failed that test long ago.

Peter Hitchen says Hillary could drag us all into a catastrophic war. I cannot quite work out how the good, sane impulse that gave birth to the USA could possibly have led us to this nightmare choice between two equally horrible outcomes.

Hillary Sponsored Secretive Arab Spring Program that Destabilized the Middle East.

The lie that launched Black Lives Matter.

Mostly True when Bernie said it, Mostly False whenTrump said itJudged by Politifact.

David Brock has a basket of fund deplorables.










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