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The price of ALL drugs has increased, some are very extreme, why?

A good choice of Supreme Court nominees.

The Wrong Immigration Debate  Do you think it is the wrong debate?

Grinding Westeners Under the National Boot.  We’ve long had too much land held by the federal government, President Obama has increased that even more.

That other time “the Deplorables” took back their country.

Some of the nation’s top military realize the threat of Islamic Terrorism

From the FBI, violence has increased 3.9 percent.  Are they including riots?  Nope, I don’t think so.

Rush is discussing the sudden rush of Trump lies posts.

Tell us something we didn’t already know.  The FBI Investigation of Clinton’s Email was a Sham

And the fun feature of today is —- a dating service for polygamists.  Can you believe it.  What kind of woman would sign up for this?  Oh right, there is that religion from the middle east.


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