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Lester Holt grilled Trump and threw softballs to Clinton Rush talked about this yesterday, saying the media was actually warning Holt to be easy on Clinton when chiding Lauer. Unfortunately, Holt showed he did not know the meaning of impartial.

Eight examples of Fact checks which became opinion journalism.  My thought was why did you list only five?

This article shows how fact checking works.  Tell the facts then spin them as meaning something else. The birther controversy.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ have their antecedents in Obama’s ‘deplorables.’

The liberal elites and their thinking, as discussed by Richard Fernandez.

Trump endorsed by 5,000 immigration officers

Leaked FBI data reveal over 7700 terrorist encounters

Proof that pets really do look like their ownersI laughed when I saw this picture.

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