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The first Climate change RICO lawsuit is filed by DEFYCC editor.

Huma Abedin’s father died quite some time ago but an interview with him has serviced showing his Sharia beliefs.

Another thing the FBI (Obama) didn’t want us to know- The Orlando terrorist attack was triggered by a drone strike in Iraq the month before.

I watched this author on C-Span this morning.  He is so right.   Bigot Baiting tells us what is happening and why, but there is no way to know how we overcome it.

When is Comey going to be embarrassed enough to resign?  He is holding firm in defending his stance, but when I heard this on the radio his voice sounded very whiny and defensive.  

A report from an attendee from the Melboure, FL Trump rally. He is so excited about it, it is touching.

That last document dump provided more information on the shenanigans of the Clinton circle and classified information.

Was Hillary signaling Holt when she wanted her turn? My first thought was conspiracy theory, but after watching this video I may be a believer.

 More than 50 Bush administration people have formed a coalition to support Trump.

If only this were truethe media loves Clinton and it could cost her the election.



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