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Hillary may wish she hadn’t brought up the name of the beauty queen Trump called Miss Piggy, in retrospect he should have called her Miss Raunchy.

That Cascade Mall shooter was also an illegal voter.

The Democrats on the FEC are trying to stifle conservative news, including the Wall Street Journal.

Why is the NAACP against school choice for black children?

Michael Totten has spent a lot of time in the Middle East.  Here is his take on how ISIS was started.  He may be right.  However if we had been in Iraq in strong enough numbers would it have been so devastated by ISIS? This is an interesting article on the Middle East situation.

At last the Washington Post admits there might be a problem in the Clinton marriage.

France and Britain just beat the United States in  building a border wall, but look how the WaPo states it, Trump’s wall. And The Daily Caller reminds us that ten years ago Hillary voted for a border fence.

Comey just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper.

Why does a university think it needs a “hate response team?”  When the costs of a college education is so high, I’m pretty sure I know some places they could cut expenses.

First Cruz, now Thomas Sowell will vote ‘against Hillary’ meaning vote for Trump.

While the media goes crazy trying to dump Trump we have to look hard to find this: two men seen removing an unexploded bomb from a wheeled duffel bag left on the street by the Chelsea bomber have been identified by the FBI. Officials say the pair are both Egyptian pilots who have since left the U.S., presumably to return to Egypt, ABC News reports. I don’t know when or where ABC reported it, this is the only place I’ve seen it.

The Ferguson Effect in Ferguson, from Powerline blog.

The FBI failures re terrorist attacks.

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