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Why the FBI could NOT call Hillary guilty without involving Obama this explains a lot. And this is even more damning, Clinton used created another account when her server was down.  A 189-page summary of interviews conducted in the year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server shed new light on the shifting stories Clinton’s aides told agents.

 Hillary talks about the Bernie Supporters, her campaign now uses many of these issues as if she had the idea first and did not feel confused about “free” everything.

Just when you think every conspiracy is only a theory, Trump’s microphone really was messed up

 VDH on The Next President Unbound  – last paragraph: In 2017, a President Trump or a President Clinton will be able to do almost anything he or she wishes without much oversight — thanks to the precedent of Obama’s overreach, abetted by a lapdog press that forgot that the ends never justify the means.

Richard Fernandez on Shimon Peres, Putin and the American people.

An immigration activist hoist on her own petard.

Washington Post writer Erik Wemple panicked because USA Today did not endorse Hillary.

Former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young credits Donald Trump with saving her life. Another story you won’t see much of in the MSM.

From Powerline Comey, the Watergate Variations Maybe he isn’t a fine man fallen, maybe he has been a fallen many all along.

Most of us do not believe the so-called fact checkers.

Remembering Shimon Peres, the Israeli leader who saw it all.  h/t Sarah Hoyt via Instapundit

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