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How Journalists are kept in line for Clinton and are purged if they stray from the narrative. They are also slandering the journalists and intellectuals who signed that letter in support of Trump.

By now all have heard of the NYTimes hit on Trump taxes.  It is illegal for them to publish that.  Of course it was a lie for Reid to say Romney didn’t pay taxes but he said it anyway.  I suspect that goes a long way in the general public’s thinking about this story. ( but the media love it) Reid admitted he lied, but then said “it worked, didn’t it?”  So do you think it can work again? The original article here. They were wise to at least use the words “could have.”  From the Hot Air front page: The New York Times pulls the trigger early as Clinton fails to establish a clear lead  And then we get this: The New York Times Paid NO Taxes in 2014. Of course not, they’ve been losing money for years.

The Pope has called that gender war A Global War against family.

I had to laugh when I saw this, U S Diplomats fear Trump would appoint cronies as ambassadors. Surely they don’t think that is a new custom.

In Baltimore the Mayor finally throws Marilyn Mosby under the bus.

James Lovelock has a change of mind on Climate Change.  You need to read this. Can we believe a man who thinks robots will rule the world?






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