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Today on Washington Post’s Online Front page I find 14 anti Trump article headlines out of a total of 32 articles, including their style headlines .  There are NO anti-Clinton or anti Democrat articles.  I am including one that tells us what they said as opposed to what they mean.  You know we can decided that for ourselves. I did not read it. But Snopes is taking up for Trump on that PTSD flad.

This was not noted:  Bill Clinton had a shell company that was never disclosed, right?  The FBI had a side deal to destroy Clinton aide laptops.  The GOP has lodged a formal complaint about Cheryl Mills DC bar association with this issue.

Do you know what Come and take it meansNPR doesn’t. Many Texans don’t know the origination either.

Well, well, well. A federal judge threw out the Ferguson Rioters’ “excessive force” lawsuit.

Privacy outlaws public debate – for Hillary, definitely not for Trump.

More tidbits from the hacked emails of Hillary staffers.

16 ISIS militants were killed when a suicide bomber’s bomb went off too soon.  Some would call it karma, I call it justice.

Politifact, is not unbiased. Nothing new here, this is why I was so surprised at the Snope site calling false on the attack on Trump/

The US has suspended talks with Russia re Syria  so why does this headline read this way? Warns of “actions” is Russia won’t negotiate.

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