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More found voting illegally in Phillyand they are just the tip of the iceberg–we are not surprised.  Did they really need to do this?  Even more are found in Indiana.

I would be surprised to find Hillary has Parkinson’s disease.  I’ve seen Parkinson’s up close, it doesn’t look like what she displays. She has something neurological.  I have a friend who has a tremor that causes head shakes, I believe it is a familial thing.  I do not know if this is Hillary’s problem, but it seems similar.

Obama’s DOJ has dropped charges against the arms dealer who had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton’s talks about arming anti-Qadhafi rebels.

Russia’s state newspaper has predicted direct military conflict with US over the Syrian stalemate.  Says  it could happen soon. 

The IRS is targeting Tea Party and conservatives again.  Did they ever stop?  Nothing happened to change them.

If you are on Yahoo email you have been scanned for security, to tell the truth I expect we all have.  I just assume everything I have ever done online has been subject to other eyes. I really have nothing to hide, I am proud of being a conservative.  We are the smart ones.

Consequences for this man, but not for Hillary.  For some government secrets are something to be arrested for.

An early video with Obama talking about his first visit to Kenya

How much do you think Kaine’s rude performance will change the outcome of the election?

Abortion vs murder of a 2 pound baby? What this 16 year old young woman did is pretty gross, but not unexpected when so many are taught abortion is just fine.

I found this interesting but am linking it because I found this quote so funny:  Kaine, “I am glad to talk about the [Clinton] Foundation.” Political lie of the election so far. An angel in heaven literally just lost his wings. And then took a punch in his angel gut.



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