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One of the scariest part of today’s world is what the techie millionaires are paying for and then when we see that they believe we live in a “matrix” you have to wonder if they are really sane.

Kerry consulted with the Russians less than 48 hours after suspending relations with them.  He is probably as intelligent as Hillary when it comes to world affairs.

Clinton sought Pentagon and state department contracts for Chelsea’s friends.  Of course she did.

A child of a refugee  family who planned to settle in Texas died on the flight to Chicago.

Hillary used a child actor to ask that question about Trump and self images of women. Have there ever been any unplanned questions asked to this woman?

This is well named – The Marking of Kaine. Someone of facebook referred to him during the debate as “a smarmy used car salesman,”  many more noticed and some posted drawings of him as The Joker.

More voter fraud investigations.

More speculation about Hillary’s health.

One of the men Bill Clinton pardoned backs Trump over Hillary.

I don’t think the DOJ realizes what they are saying with this:  Local police departments’ use of criminal background checks and citizenship requirements to vet job applicants are among the barriers limiting diversity in law enforcement, a new Justice Department report finds.

It seems this administration doesn’t learn from their mistakes.  They have rehired a contractor that was responsible for one of the largest hacking episodes.

One of the reasons we have so many who believe the lies of politicians on the left: The Academic Curtain.

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