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The  truth is out there, and it’s worse than you might think. Many Men talk like Donald Trump, and he accuses women, too.

Senator McCain needs to resign immediately over this misstep with Syria and Benghazi.  Apparently Rep. Kinzinger is not the best spokesperson for the anti=Trumpers.

Three in four Republicans want GOP officials to stand by Donald Trump despite a damaging video leak Friday, according to a new poll released Sunday.

If it weren’t so insane this would be funny.  Donna Brazile chastized George Stephanpoulos for asking about one of Clinton’s speech quotes.

While everyone was busy condemning Trump in the news cycle two more police shooting were ignored.

Apparently CNN and ABC did ask about the Clinton speech on open borders and trade.

That Bush guy may be in trouble himself over that taped Trump conversation he took part in.

Clinton’s accusers in interview should stop any criticism of Trump, but it won’t.

So while were all agonizing over Trump and Hillary the plan worked, we missed this Russia is moving nuclear-capable missiles into the tiny Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, situated between Poland and Lithuania, according to a Reuters report.

So much in that Wikileaks dump on Hillary I am just going to post links here with no special comments.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

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