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Sixteen times tried to prosecute their opponents . And what about that Alaska one, Senator Stevens?

Just more about the DNC and Donna Brazile getting Clinton nominated and dissing Sanders.

Of course this is what we thought the medial was building him up to bring him down.

What do you think she meant by intervention?  After all the finger pointing about Trump and his “you would be in jail” quip, really?

Leaked emails reveal potential collusion between State Dept and Clinton Campaign.

Calling on Paul Ryan to step down.  Here’s another reason why, Did one of his people release those tapes?  Whose side are the Republican elites on?  And then there is this about Billy Bush.

How to lie with statistics writ large in polling.

Just more accounts of voter fraud.

Reporters need not show up, you are not welcome.

It is an ad, acted by an actress, but a good one.

For some of the real world news World Affairs is suggested. I get a daily email of links from them.

Also go to Drudge Report for many links.  I go to Drudge as my home page, some links I use some I don’t and many I have already seen.

So far these links have been gathered from news emails I get in the mail, an RSS news reader I have and from Facebook, I have not started reading my bookmarked news links. This looks like more than enough for one day.

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