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Refutes Trump accuser, claims he was on the same flight directly across from them.

They are still telling the enemy the war plans.  Remember “loose lips sink ships?”  They never heard of it.

Another heartbreaking revelation in those emails, again, no  help for Benghazi. Chelsea an able fund raiser under multiple email accounts.  The most explosive of the Wikileak emails so far.

Don’t waste your vote on corporate Democrats. #InvestYourVote,” Stein wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: I watched what is probably the same video yesterday, she was not endorsing Trump, and she was more or less asking for votes but listen to what she says.

Megan Twohey of the New York Times Caught in a Media Hoax and CNN called her out on it. Apparently this person has a Trump vendetta.  And this one is not to be believed either. Remember that quote “where do I go to get my reputation back?”

Trump Does the unthinkable, unthinkable to the media that is.

Judge dismisses civil suit by Sandy Hook families against gunmaker/dealer. It not the gun that does the shooting, it is just the tool.

The Apprentice contestant accusing Trump contacted him for business help this year.

It’s not an election, it’s a war.

The DOJ will not prosecute the EPA over that gold mine disaster. Is there anyone who thought they would?

Hillary’s Waco Deception

Oh my, poor Chelsea, what do you do when you find your parents are sleazy, profit seeking political hacks.  Why, you base your Phd dissertation on it. And then you join them.

There is actual fire in the smoke Trump is raising about the email coverage.

Readying for the war?  Life in the real world.





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