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Hillary’s emails reveal a life full of deceit.  That goes without our having to say it. Why is this news, I guess it is because we have so much proof now.  Not that the morning shows want to address it. They even show how they tried to collect anti Juanita Broaddrick data. The Clinton campaign believed the Obama campaign flooded the vote with illegal voters.  Chicago Politicians are known to do that. And then take credit for a Supreme court ruling.  Chief Justice Roberts should be so proud. /sarc  They were worried about her taxes and health issues.  They should never have worried, the media would have looked the other way for any issues.

Peter Thiel is doubling down on donations to Trump The only major Silicon Valley supporter of Trump.

Vandals spray painted Trump supporters vehicles outside a rally in Bangor, Maine.  Notice how Trump is referred to in the article. I believe it would have been written very differently had it been Clinton supporters. And the Republican Headquarters in Orange Co, NC has been firebombed.

Let’s make a deal, more of the Democratic arrogance.  But the truth is no deal was necessary with the FBI, it was already in the administration’s pocket.

Alicia Colon decided to vote for Trump.

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