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We are at War in Somalia. Read the Hot air take on it.

One of the reasons to give over control of the internet,  Assange’s Internet has been cut off by a state entity.  The unverified claims of state sabotage come as WikiLeaks continues to release damaging documents, most recently thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. That entity would have had this power anyway, but I feel we will be harmed at some time by our nation or another nation’s control of the internet.

The Selling of America by the Clinton Campaign

Truth is the Nuclear Weapon of the new cold war.

Lawmakers find Quid Pro Quo between FBI and State over “Altered” Classified Clinton Emails.  This is serious and you probably won’t find much about it on Clinton loving news sources.  Or as they are named “The Criminal Media- A Bunch of Drips” on Townhall.  And there are Way too many coincidences.

Donald Trump’s Moral Fervor

There are tapes of Bill Clinton, released by Gennifer Flowers, that use words I don’t plan to repeat here.

Victor Davis Hanson makes The Case for Trump in the anti-Trump National Review.  Amazing. Against the idea of voting for a third party he quotes: Yet in a veritable two-person race, the idea of expressing positive neutrality, to paraphrase the Indian statesman V. K. Krishna Menon, is to suppose that tigers can be vegetarians. Please read it all. 

And my other Favorite essayist, Richard Fernandez, says The Kingdom loses its magic. The Saudi Kingdom is going broke.




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