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That guy who shot at George Zimmerman got a twenty year sentence for attempted 2nd degree murder, but there is some background to the story.

Four MILLION???  Ineligible and dead voters across the US.

Wikileaks says John Kerry and Clinton had Assange internet cut off.  Didn’t they know that wasn’t the only source of those emails.  The Wikileaks people are much smarter than that, they have backups around the world.

Conservatives need not apply to be in the Smithsonian New African American Museum.

Undercover Video: Dem Operatives Boast of Deliberate Scheme to Provoke Violence at Trump Events

Newsgate 2016

Trumps Invisible Shield But marginalized average Americans hurt by Democrat policies and used by Republican politicians.  These are the “everyday Americans” that a flawed and filthy rich Hillary loathes.  These are the “everyday Americans” that a flawed and filthy rich Trump embraces.

Unbiased Journalists” gave $382,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  And they help the Clinton’s campaign strategy of Attack, Attack, Attack!

The New Wikileak links speak of campaign, Benghazi, and Israel.

The Indiana State police are investigating after the Indiana Secretary of State discovered that thousands of dates of birth and names were changed on voter registrations  via

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