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I don’t expect to see any major news outlets playing this video of a woman Clinton assaulted over and over and over.

Clinton doesn’t even know what planet she’s on– a Clinton operative on Hillary in an email to Podesta

All Soros all the time.

CNN doesn’t allow the truth, cut the connection when Hillary is called a liar.

Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times

I cannot believe this actually ran in the Washington Post,  General Cartwright is paying the price for Hillary’s Sins

Discord amongst the Obama brothers.

Here’s a link to the Enquirer trash talk on Hillary if you want to go there. It might be true, some of it might be true, maybe there is smoke where there is fire, but judging from her and her husband’s history I would say there is at least a cinder of truth. I haven’t read it.

If you want to watch that Project Veritas video of underhanded Democrat tricks  and cheats, you’ll have to look for it.

Victor Davis Hanson on our Neutron Bomb Election, what a good name for it.

Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States

It isn’t just the Clintons, John Kerry’s daughter got special treatment

Judicial Watch has some damning emails about Hillary and the server IT’s person.

This is all I can take for today.  I have a big week ahead and may not be posting on some days. My twin sister and I are being feted for our 80th birthday on Saturday. My children will be here, some for a week.  I am looking forward to having a great family time.

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