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London’s Mayor has warned Trump on the danger of talking against  Muslim refugees.

Clinton Thug Robert Creamer planned Obamacare while in JAIL.   Thanks to Ernest Alexander for sending this along.

Of course Obama knew about Cllinton’s private email server.

We will have more of those cyber attacks since we gave up control of the internet.

 A HEROIC gunman dubbed “The Sniper of Mosul” has struck again as he killed a jihadi executioner moments before the ISIS thug could behead a teenage boy. I love that this is happening.

We’re at War but Let’s Talk About Sex

A blog post from “Cornhead” on Why I Voted for Donald J. Trump.

Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator, on the Bully Party.  He isn’t talking about the Republicans and he is endorsing Donald Trump.

One of those stories of dishonest Democrat politicians where you have to read way down into the story to see the person is a Democrat.

This grown woman still doesn’t know how to take responsibility.  She blames Donald Trump cause he made her so mad she stole his signs.  His fault, of course.

Hillary’s head space is discussed in emails.  I’ll bet her head space isn’t happy about being discussed like this in emails.  We saw some of this yesterday.

Heads should roll in this terrible attempt to collect bonuses plus interest from veterans.

A FOSTER mum who took in a child refugee has told of her horror after discovering he was a 21-year-old jihadi. Coming soon to a country near you, or perhaps it is already here.

You Tube vs Consdervative Speech. Prager University is big enough others take note, how many small ones have been taken down?


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