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Some of the links to the Washington Post are behind a pay wall.  If that happens you can usually google the title and find a way to read it. Because I have subscription I cannot tell which they will let you see and which they won’t.

Wikileaks has revealed so much corruption but this one is very important.  And this tells what some high ranking aides really think of Hillary.  The Washington Post has stopped holding back, I wonder if they think Hillary is so far ahead they can start telling the truth about the corruption?

The dissolution of American Culture, which leads into this article on a crackdown of child sex slaves.  Call them prostitutes if you want but they have no say in the matter.  What has happened to our culture that we have people who buy these childhoods from their pimps? And I mean stolen childhoods. 

The Conservatives at the Castle’s Walls.  The great Richard Fernandez mind explains a lot of what has happened.

Dr. Marc Seigel: Why this doctor hates Obamacare

An aide says he once arranged for $50 MILLION in payments to Bill Clinton. That is a lot of money, more than I can even imagine.

A digital key buried in the emails sent by Hillary Clinton’s staff shows that many of the most important emails released via Wikileaks have not been modified or falsified, according to a series of tests conducted by security experts and by Breitbart News.  But,of course, the MSM will say it doesn’t count if Breitbart says it.  via



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