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Comey is re-opening the Clinton Investigation.  Was there a revolt in the FBI? Will we ever know”  Two links to the story: (Washington Post);    CNBC or Maybe  this conflict of interest is leading the re-opening, I’m sure Comey knew about it in advance. This Ace of Spades blog post has the most likely explanation I’ve seen. The hidden became unhidden.

Russian and US Jets had near miss over Syria.

Did I link this yesterday? IF I did were you able to get it.  I think this one is not behind the paywall. The Cold Clinton Reality.

The Astonishing Ignorance of Young Adults.  They say 60 is the new 40, well, many young adults have the maturity  and knowledge of middle school kids, and have been so indoctrinated it is insane.

A federal judge has asked why the administration is not admitting more Christian refugees.

Attorney General Lynch is pleading the fifth over questions about the Iran payment deal.

Podesta, one of the most dishonorable of the pack.  He was a player.

I’ve had about as much of this intrigue as I can take for one day.  How about you? Enough already.

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