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It’s possible you are all as tired of this as I am.  I want this election to be over.  It has gotten too intense, too scandal ridden, it is just hard to believe what a third world type country we are turning into.  I say we because we all live in a nation that has supported these same Democrats for lo these many years and the corruption has become so deep it is extremely disheartening.  I hope we can turn this nation around.  Prayers are needed.

US Air Force veteran whose story was told in Black Hawk Down has died.  Rest in Peace

Project Veritas and Wikileaks: doing the Job the FBI and DOJ Won’t  take a look at the other TownHall articles while you are there.

I have not paid much attention to the Standing Rock pipeline dispute, but today I find this fact checker on it.  I do not know the facts and can only hope the fact checker  here is truly factual.

The FBI and its internal fueding, what to do, what to do.  I’m pleased they did what might be the most ethical action. What a tangled mess of emails.

Oh, what a change eight years has made to the crowds.

And what a big change a few days has made to all the anti-Trump headlines on the Washington Post online site.  Today we’ve got some Hillary stuff this if not anti is at least factual and not flattering, this one on the Comey reasoning but just look at this. Washington Post Home page.  Scroll down to see the Harry Reid headline.

This is an important article concerning multiple investigations, I am linking this blog post in case the Wall Street Journal article is behind a pay wall to you.

Victor Davis Hanson writes The Clintons as Farce.

Thomas Lifson says the race is changing because the awful truth about the Clintons is sinking in.  About time.

Were you watching when Doug Schoen said he could no longer support Hillary for president.  We were, our chins dropped, too.  Something really big is coming for him to give up on her.

FIVE FBI Field Offices are probing the Clinton Foundation, and under adverse conditions from their boss.

John Podhoretz has a theory about this probe, Andrew McCabe is involved.

CNN has some ‘splaining to do about false news on Trump.

It’s hard to believe that even the Huffington Post could say Mohammed was the world’s first feminist.  How wrong can you be? 

Who is Huma Abedin?


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  1. I hope God is answering our prayers with the latest upturn in Trump’s numbers.

  2. I heard Hewitt read the VDH piece on his show today. Wow.

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