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I’ve read a lot to I would like to share but with the good news of the election I really want to share my relief.  Donald Trump was not my first or second choice but once he was the candidate, I thought “well, why not.”  He is a good business man and will do what is good for him and that will be good for the country. I do wish our dear friend Mim McNeil was alive to share this.

It was a repudiation of the press, and a repudiation of both parties establishment leaders. And the Democratic Party establishment is being written off by some.

So who got those polls right?  Who were the biggest losers?

The markets fell, but are on the way back up.

Congratulations are offered from a Brexiteer.

The links below are from Monday and Tuesday

Sarah isn’t feeling very good about this election. I enjoy reading someone who was raised in a different culture, a different country. I think she understands a lot. I feel that I, a child of the depression, was also raised in a different culture, a different country. Only it was here, in the United States of America of the 1930’s, 40’s and early 50’s.

The trust vacuum.

Germany prepares to admit defeat on refugees.

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