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The Obama administration’s won’t pursue passage of its signature Pacific Rim trade deal, dealing a major blow to President Obama’s legacy.   Already a win from the election.  Maybe Obama is smarter than we thought.

Also: Dow posts best day since 2011.

Vigilante Killings in Mexico have public’s support  It has taken a lot of violence to get to this point.

The stupidity of some actors and the people who think it matters:  De Niro gives Trump protestors his support. He is a snowflake- it’s okay because he is depressed about it.

They were working for the CIA when they were killed.

About 100 million voters could not be bothered to vote this year.  I for one am glad only those who cared bothered to vote.  For me it was no bother, it was a duty.  But I do not want people who do NOT care to vote.

Why Trump Won by Victor Davis Hanson, a man whose opinion I respect.

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