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I’m not sure, but it is possible, Dan Balz actually gets it.  This is as unbiased an article as the Washington Post has published since Trump won the nomination. After the nomination and during the campaign time till election he had nothing but slamming articles in the WaPo.  Many are still being written.

with Trump’s victory, many tech leaders in Silicon Valley are extending an olive branch

Noam Chomsky is not amused with we earthlings who voted for Trump.

The Democrats are facing a “be careful what you ask for” concerning a filibuster for appointees.

What in the world is going on with the gubernatorial race in North Carolina?

Tolerance is easier to preach than to practice.

Combating the hearsay about Sessions.

If I posted this before, forgive me, it is still very important.  It is directed to Liberals from a person who thinks Trump is terrible but still realizes he is being maligned.  You are still crying wolf.

“Lecturing people from the stage may make them feel good, but it is what got them into trouble in the first place.”  From Richard Fernandez The Big Pretend. He also says: The Leftist impulse is founded on the conviction they have a special position in the “arc of justice”, a privileged vantage in the moral universe, a place in the vanguard of history.  To suddenly admit they don’t, to admit that they are no better than anyone else and possibly a good deal worse is not an easily correctable fault.”  and later he says this:The reason the liberal project will never perform an autopsy on itself is because that would reveal there’s no there there.  It’s the pretend that counts. The big secret the Left never wants to face is there’s no “arc of history” they control.”   If you read nothing else I send today, read this.

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