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I agree Trump should not be saying anything about prosecuting or not prosecuting Clinton.  It is the job of the attorney general and the DOJ.

I also agree that the SPLC should lose non-profit status.

From Hot air: Call it the Five Stages of Democratic Blame-Throwing, with apologies to Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.

Gov. Cuomo aides indicted, media pretty silent about it.

Texas Judge halt Obama Overtime Rule

Weimar Germany, Weimar America  This is interesting. What is your take on it?

You’ve probably heard about the group who want to contest the election.  The Washington Post doesn’t agree, at least Philip Bump Doesn’t.

The author of this article is pretty proud of himself, and doesn’t mind smearing Jeff Sessions.

Gulag, Western Style

Thousands of Green Cards gone missing?  What a farce.

Bookworm is enraged at the anti-Semitism of Progressives who are now using it to promote someone they think will turn others away from Trump.  She has a valid point.

Hypocrisy and the Media.  Stephen Green from Instapundit

And the good news is – A CNN poll shows a majority expect a Trump presidency to succeed.

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