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Many were decimmated by ISIS but the Sunnis were the majority losers.

The Washington Post’s editorial on Castro.  They tell the truth on this. And then surprise, surprise they published this letter to the editor Most Hate Crimes on not on Muslims, but on Jews.

Shiva for Hillary  Also the five stages of climate grief.

Merkel is planning to deport 100,000, or at least she said she will.  ‘Bout time.

One of the Muslm congressmen is working with a man who is affiliated with an Al Queda related group.

What they really, really think about the rest of America.

Harvard Classmates Hardly recognize the Steve Bannon of Today.  Maybe it isn’t Bannon, maybe it is the classmates. Or read the story about the article here.

Pelosi has outraged some Black lawmakers.

This is quite a play on words, historians take note.  Feel The Burr: Hamilton Generation Re-Writes History To Justify Trump-Hate


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