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California is definitely out of step with the rest of the states.  I have been saying California alone accounts for the 2+million popular votes for Hillary over Trump.  This article says it also.  This article says doing away with the electoral college would cause to rest of us to be only a colony of California.

Stein dropped her suit in Pennsylvania for a recount but apparently she isn’t giving up in throwing a wrench in the gears of the electoral college.

This Rolling Stone author pulls no punches in his admiration and delight in Obama and his administration, its goals and so-called accomplishments.  I think he is grieving the loss to Trump over Clinton. It is an interesting look at a mind set.  Because of his fawning over the almost gone president I could not read the whole thing.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get into an argument with Kellyanne Conway, she has a sharp mind and knows how to use it.

The FBI needs to investigate violence and threats from Hillary supporters who refuse to give up.  Who is paying for this?  Are they really supporters or just paid thugs?

Voter Fraud proven in Nevada.  Will someone please let George Stephanopoulos know about this?

She’s Fighting the Left’s Cultural War one Bagel at a time.




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