And those who actually remember that day are becoming fewer and fewer as we age.  I was five years old and I remember it very well.

Lives in America changed drastically with World War II.  I know our family’s life was never the same.  We moved from the home town and area where many family members were and never saw some of them again. The ones we did see were few and far between visits.

I’ve often wondered what my life would  have been had we stayed in that small town in northeastern Oklahoma until all the children were grown. I’m sure millions of families in America had as much drastic change as ours. Many even more because they lost loved ones.  Ours came home safely from the wars.

We all thank the veterans for their efforts but many at home made just as much effort, just not in the same war zones.  Women went to work, many times away from family and friends just like those in the military.  There were very few families untouched by that war.

We have gained as a nation, but we have also lost a lot.  I sometimes wonder if we have lost our soul as a nation, especially now with the country so divided by the so called right and left.  It is more than political ideology, it is a change in attitude, a change in beliefs, a change of morality.

There are words flung around in public that I never even knew existed until I was an adult. There is a change in modesty, rather I think sometimes there is none left. There is a change in expectations of achievement, of just plain adulting.

The pendulum has swung far away from the center. Perhaps with a President Trump it is beginning to swing at least as far back as to get to the center. Where will we be 100 years from Pearl Harbor? We can always hope and pray for the best.



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